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&main_txt1=Elegant (Pvt) Ltd. &main_txt2=Elegant (Pvt) Ltd, started its journey of success from Lahore, the capital of Punjab, producing Quality Leather Footwear, located at 25 Km G.T Road, Muridkey. We have serviced the global footwear market for the past 15 years. Elegant (Pvt) Ltd, now not only produces Footwear, but Genuine Leather and Performance Socks as well. We are amongst the top Exporters in Pakistan, with our products reaching widely across the globe.
&main_txt3=About Us &main_txt4=Our History &main_txt5=Our Goals &main_txt6=We have been related to the field of leather since 1948. Elegant (Pvt) Ltd, was established in 1994 to produce footwear for the global market. EPL has now progressed in many ways, now also producing Performance Socks and Genuine Leather. &main_txt7=Over the years, we have dynamically expanded and progressed, through our paramount research and development, We at EPL are actively working towards producing new and unique products for our clients. &main_txt8=CEO's Message &main_txt9="We believe in establishing long-term relationships with our customers, and provide them regularly with new and unique business opportunities. We are commited to bringing various individuals together on one productive platform, which we believe defines a firms efficiency and success." &main_txt10=Nasir Anwer Sheikh, CEO &company_txt1=The Footwear Division &company_txt2=Elegant (Pvt) Ltd, was developed as a company to produce leather shoes. Its machinery was fully imported from Italy, with Italian consultancies and was one of the pioneer shoe manufacturing units in Pakistan. EPL is currently producing 2000 pairs daily, with a complete set-up within our premises to produce all types of shoes and soles.
&company_txt3=Company Operations &company_txt4=Elegant (Pvt) Ltd's Footwear Division uses the best of materials to cut and process our production to produce the finest shoes in the market, having a collection which is updated every season. Having our own TANNERY at our back we can ensure prompt delivery of raw materials combined with the facility to produce soles, which include fully automatic moulding units, producing PU, TPR and PVC soles. This gives us complete control over the production time and quality of the final product.
We are involved in the Export, Merchandising, Wholesale and Retail business of our products. Apart from having our own retail set-up across the country, we also give our products to various distributers to sell our products. We are amongst the largest suppliers of Footwear for various International ... &company_txt5=read more &company_txt6=Our Collections &company_txt7=Latest Designs and Collections
Innovative and new designs, for the new generation. &company_txt8=Standard Designs and Ever-Green Styles
Styles that never go out of style. &services_txt1=The Socks Division &services_txt2=Elegant (Pvt) Ltd, imported the latest machinery from Italy, to produce all types of socks. Pakistan has one of the best quality of yarns, utilising this natural Advantage, we decided to invest in the hosiery sector.Our Products include: &services_txt3=Designed for You!
Performance Socks
&services_txt4=Baby Socks
Special and Medical Socks
&services_txt5=Production Achievements &services_txt6=Policies and Work Ethics &services_txt7=Certifications &services_txt8=At Elegant (Pvt) Ltd. all standard methods of production are followed. Child Labour is strictly prohibited and a proper manufacturing system is implemented. &services_txt9=We are currently producing 5000 dozens daily, and are certified by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to produce Special and Medical Socks. &services_txt10=Services we Provide &services_txt11=Knitting
Bleaching and Dyeing &services_txt12=Printing
Pressing and Packing &solutions_txt1=The Leather Division &solutions_txt2=Our History and Achievements &solutions_txt3=Our Product Information &solutions_txt4=The founder of the National Tanneries of Pakistan, (Late)Hadji Dost Mohammad was associated with leather trade since 1920's in the British Era. He set up his own tannery.. &solutions_txt5=EPL, Leather Division is producing all types of leather, ranging from all types and selections of skins in Cow, Goat and Buffalo. Our Skins are very carefully selected and passed on to.. &solutions_txt6=read more &solutions_txt7=The Leather Gallery &solutions_txt8=Our Tanning Facilities &solutions_txt9=Product Gallery &solutions_txt10=A vast set-up of Machinery and facilities at our tannery, make it capable of being one of the largest in Pakistan. Click above for Pictures. &solutions_txt11=Our Leather products prove ot be of the best Quality and provide you with the best efficiency. Click above to view our products. &contacts_txt1=ELEGANT (PVT) LTD. (Head Office) &contacts_txt2=7-8 JUSTICE SARDAR IQBAL ROAD, GULBERG V, LAHORE
PHONE: 0092 42 35775611-12
FAX: 0092 42 35775613
E-mail: elegant@quettagroup.com
or office@elegantfootwear.com
&contacts_txt3=Contact Form &contacts_txt4=Contact Mr. Nasir Anwer(CEO) via Form below or call 0092 322 4530000 &contacts_txt5=your name: &contacts_txt6=your company: &contacts_txt7=telephone: &contacts_txt8=e-mail: &contacts_txt9=message: &contacts_txt10=Our Production Facilities &contacts_txt11=THE SHOES DIVISION:
Address: 25-Km Main GT Road, Muridkey, Pakistan
E-mail: elegantfactory@gmail.com
Telephone: 0092 42 7980226
0092 42 7980106
FAX: 0092 42 7980398 &contacts_txt12=THE LEATHER DIVISION:
Telephone: 0092 321 4973000
E-mail: ntrahim@brain.net.pk
Factory Address:35-km GT Road, Khori, Muridkey, Pakistan

EPL Marketing Department:
E-mail: nabeel@elegantfootwear.com &contacts_txt13=reset &contacts_txt14=send &pop_up_title1=Company Operations &pop_up_txt1= Chains of stores alongwith large multinationals like Auchan, Vivarte, and Andre. Our products are highly anticipated in the European and American markets, due to their contemporary designs and economical nature. We use only real Leather for our products with no compromise on quality.

Our products are throughly tested and approved by our Research and Development, for their durability and quality, and also by international sourcing agencies for compatibility to Health Standards and various compliances according to international requirements

We are an approved supplier with a number of Sourcing Agencies, including SGS, BVQI and CTC.
&pop_up_title2=Our History and Achievements &pop_up_txt2=near Lahore in Muridkey and later shifted to Khori. NTP's name was changed in 2009 to Elegant (Pvt) Ltd, Leather Division, to upgrade its systems and to tap a new and innovative global market.
EPL, Leather Division is capable of producing 1.5 Million Square Feet of Leather each month, making it one of the largest in the country.
Our products are moving throughout the world and are appreciated for their quality of tanning as we have top quality technicians and machines involved in our production.
Sheikh Anwer Iqbal, the son of (late)Hadji Dost Mohammad, and then CEO of NTP, was granted the Life Time Achievement award by the Governor of The Punjab for his dedication and numerous contributions to the Leather Industry of Pakistan. &pop_up_title3=Our Product Information &pop_up_txt3=production department, to ensure the quality of the final product. We are providing hte customers with what they require and are reputed in the market for fullfillment of our commitments and promises.
We have an array of colours and tanning techniques to produce the most fashionable items for Quality Products, including Shoes, Handbags and other Leather Accessories.
Along with producing Nubucks and Suedes, we specialise in making leather Lining and Burnish for our customers.
We are also engaged in producing Sole Leather, which is considered to be of the best quality in the country and possibly the world.
We are regularly participating in leather fairs across the globe, providing new and innovative products to our valuable customers. &pop_up_title4=Our Tanning Facilities &pop_up_txt4=In 1948, the First Leather Tannery was formed in West Pakistan, under the name of National Tanneries of Pakistan, at Muridkey. Later it was upgraded and moved 10 Kms up the highway to a place called Khori, where it was destined to be one of the largest tanneries in the Country.

Elegant (Pvt) Ltd, was formed as an offshoot to produce leather footwear from its produce but later it was decided that the whole firm be called Elegant (Pvt) Ltd, to bring the productino of leather to the new generation. &pop_up_title5=Product Gallery &pop_up_txt5=Our Products do not compromise on the Quality that has been promised to our customers. We are engaged in Ethical and Safe production of our products, including being safe for the environment.
We have our own Chrome REcovery plants, to recycle the chrome and our filteration plants are part of our green motives. &pop_up_title6=Privacy Policy &pop_up_txt6=The Privacy of our visitors and customers if of the utmost concern to us. We do not give out anybodys E-mail adresses or personal information to anybody else. The Personal Information of the people who correspond with us are kept with the primary care on our secure systems where un-authorised personnel cannot access or enter the system. Elegant (Pvt) Ltd. Marketing Department